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us, praying out aloud for our future in this period
of great uncertainty.

Other old warriors would go about our camp,
each with one hand over his mouth, talking and
praying to themselves,

'Niokskatos, what are we coming to? Where
are our warriors of bygone days? Where are our
buffalo? Niokskatos, are we no longer men?'

During this turbulent period of uncertainty we
boys used to go up on a big butte every evening
at sunset, and we would sit down up there and
talk things over.

'Our parents have raised us to be warriors/ we
would say, 'and now the white man wants to put
those funny clothes on us and make us do the
work of women/

All of our training had suddenly been upset.
Our religion had taught us to give good for good
and evil for evil. Now, the missionaries were
telling us to give good for good and good for evil.
'What does that mean?' we asked ourselves. If a
man shot at us and missed us, were wre to give him
another ball so that he could shoot at us again?
We could not understand this. What were we to
do about the settlers who were squatting on the
lands that the Government was setting aside for
us? Were we to Invite them to take more of our

We could not figure this out. And some-